Systems Analyst

Location: Washington, D.C
Our client is seeking to hire a full-time Systems Analyst in support of a government agency project. This new project promotes effective, innovative knowledge management, strategic communications, and training services that further public investments around the globe. The project is responsible for developing and managing knowledge sharing tools and learning communities related to agricultural development and food security, inclusive market development, Women’s Leadership in Small and Medium Enterprises, and Agency-wide learning, evaluation, and knowledge management.
Duties and Responsibilities:
  • Review and document system architecture, dependencies, and procedures.
  • Monitor, report, and respond to any security breaches, attacks, or areas of vulnerability. Suggest ways to improve security.
  • Establish and maintain technical standards and server security policies.
  • Monitor and analyze system logs and flag/respond to any issues identified.
  • Patch software on scheduled basis as well as urgent security releases.
  • Install new software modules and extensions as needed.
  • Perform system backups and recoveries.
  • Implement a system for load testing and stress testing. Provide performance reports and suggest methods for improvement.
  • Be on call (rotating schedule with web team) to respond quickly to any off-hours system failures.
  • Perform root-cause analyses of any system downtime.
  • Evaluate current server architecture and suggest improvements and plans for facilitating increased traffic as family of web sites grows.
  • Perform load capacity planning and trend forecasting.
  • Install, configure, and manage Linux mail transfer agents and troubleshoot issues related to whitelisting by government agencies/mail not getting through.
  • Manage and configure Linux users, passwords, and permissions. Manage access to servers by clients, vendors, and internal team. Create new groups and users as needed. Evaluate current file ownerships and permission schemes across all servers, establish and maintain related policies, and suggest improvements as needed.
  • Perform database administrative duties as needed, including creating a system for monitoring and reporting on database performance; Creating indexes or suggesting schematic or other changes to improve database performance; fine tuning MySQL settings and configuration files; monitoring MySQL logs and responding to any issues that arise.
  • Oversee, manage, and troubleshoot Solr multi-core environment running on Jetty; routinely review logs and flag/respond to any issues. Provide patches and upgrades as needed.
  • Assist web team with functional testing, change control, version control, development of policies and procedures, and other functions as needed
Desired Skills and Experience:
  • Bachelor’s degree in relevant field (Computer Science or Information Systems or equivalent experience is required). Industry certifications are a plus.
  • Server and Desktop Operating System set-up and configuration
  • Linux installation, support and administration
  • MySQL and MariaDB expertise
  • PHP knowledge
  • TCIP/IP expertise
  • Demonstrated ability to get things done
  • Ability to maintain a positive attitude and calm demeanor when working under tight deadlines
  • Team player
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